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University of Minnesota scholarship to study English in America

 University of Minnesota scholarship to study English in America

scholarship to study

Applications have been opened for the University of Minnesota scholarship to study in the United States of America 2024-2025. America is considered one of the best countries in the world, and many students want to study there. America is in fact one of the dreams of many students around the world, as it is known that America is distinguished by the quality of education because it has many distinguished universities. The University of Minnesota Scholarship also offers many different free scholarships to encourage students from all countries of the world to travel to America and study in America. Study in USA

The University of Minnesota Free Scholarships 2024-2025 offers many, many free scholarships every year with the aim of helping many young people of all nationalities around the world to study in America. Study abroad

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About the University of Minnesota Scholarship

The Karin L. Larson MELP Intensive English Program Scholarship provides funding for new and continuing students enrolled full or part-time in the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP) Intensive English Program.

Thanks to funding made available by the Karin L. Larson Legacy Fund, these scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate strong academic performance and a clear vision of how studying with MELP will contribute to their academic and career goals.

Details and information about the scholarship

  • The country in which the study will be conducted: The United States of America
  • Donor: University of Minnesota
  • University where you will study: University of Minnesota
  • Degrees they can apply: High school, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and graduate students can apply
  • The scholarship is offered to all students from all over the world
  • Deadline to apply for the scholarship: October 15, 2024

Benefits of the grant and funding

The University of Minnesota scholarship offers many different features that make it a distinct scholarship and many students want to apply for it. You can learn about all the features below:

  • Free English language course
  • A letter of invitation to obtain a visa to America
  • Free Scholarships

Documents required to apply for the grant Scholarships

To apply for the scholarship program, applicants must submit their application online and upload the following list of documents before the application deadline. You can find out the required documents below:

  • Fill out the scholarship application
  • Statement of grades of the last academic qualification you obtained